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Passing 60 years of development, Vietnam Maritime University has increasingly asserted its reputation for quality education, training, scientific research, technology transfer, international cooperation, etc. With that reputation, the university has been recognized as a full member of many prestigious associations such as: Asian Maritime and Fisheries Universities Forum, AMFUF since 2002 , Association of Maritime Education and Training Institutions in Asia - Pacific, AMETIAP – now known as GlobalMET since 2002, especially International Association of Maritime University, IAMU since 2004
Celebrating its 60th anniversary of foundation, (01/04/1956 - 01/04/2016), Vietnam Maritime University is honored to host the 17th Annual General Assembly of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU AGA 2016) and the International Conference on Marine Science and Technology 2016, taking place from October 26 - 28, 2016. The conferences will bring together more than a hundred scientists, international experts from over 50 maritime universities in the world, hundreds of scientists, experts from institutes in the country and within the University.
This is an opportunity for international and domestic scientists, experts to publish their researches, the studying results on Training, Maritime training; Science, Marine Technology, Transport, Maritime Business, Marine Environment, etc.; Strengthening international cooperations in order to improve the quality of education and training, safety and maritime security, environmental protection, especially the marine environment, etc.
This is also a good chance for teachers, scientists, experts of Vietnam Maritime University to learn and exchange experiences with local colleagues as well as international delegates. Thereby, this is a special occasion to foster training, scientific research, technology transfer and deepen the international colarborations, contributing to the industrialization and modernization strategy of the country and helping the University achieve goals to become an international-class, key national university in Vietnam.
The Local Excutive Committee would like to express its sincere thanks to international and domestic teachers, scientists, experts who has actively participated in writing and contributing to success of the 17th Annual General Assembly of IAMU 2016 and the International Conference on Marine Science and Technology 2016 held in Vietnam Maritime University.